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Biosonics Beginner Special Set



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This set of three tuning forks comes with a pair of Biosonics Body Tuning Forks (C and G) and one Otto 128 Hz Weighted Tuning Fork, and the book "Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks" by John Beaulieu.

Note: These tuning forks are made of aluminum, which is a soft metal, great for harmonics and sound healing. Because of this softness, you might find the occasional small mark or scratch. The fork isn’t damaged, nor is the tuning off. It can happen during packing by the manufacturer, or during shipping and handling. We provide safe storage and great care when handling them.

This set features three forks. The first two forks come from the Pair of Body Tuners. These forks are tuned to C 256 Hz and G 384 Hz. The classic 3:2 ratio between them, the perfect fifth, helps to align oneself, to find calm and peace, to connect with higher consciousness. It is a gateway for you, to higher realms.

When you listen to these two frequencies, your body hears them as a single tone, bringing balance and deep relaxation, aligning mind and body. Use these tuning forks in your sound therapy and spiritual healing practice to promote states of unification.

The third fork, called the Otto 128 Hz Tuning Fork, is best used directly on the body to stimulate nerves and aid in the release of tension. Use them on the rib heads, thorasic vertebra, sternum and illiums, using the low tones to stimulate and promote balance.

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