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Chalklin Wood Handle Mallets

A quality mallet is just as important as a quality gong and Chalklin mallets, artisanally crafted, certainly qualify as quality mallets. Paul Chalklin established the company in 1971 and has created their mallets through extensive research gathered from meetings with a wide variety of different percussionists. Hand-crafted using the finest materials, these mallets are distributed around the world.

Popular percussion company Paiste used to have their mallets made exclusively by Chalklin, Paiste did eventually begin to manufacture their own mallets but Chalklin still produces their mallets for sound plates and other tuned mallet percussion. Chalklin Mallet Company are motivated by Paul Chalklin's belief that mallets can satisfy the specific demands of professional musicians while still remaining affordable. This goal is firmly reflected in the exact materials and meticulous craftsmanship of these mallets.

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