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Chau Gongs

The Chinese Chau Gong, with its bullseye design, is an iconic Chinese gong.

Most people recognize it immediately, whether they remember seeing it somewhere this lifetime, or in a previous one. Historically in China, this gong was used by royals and those with temporal power to announce and declare themselves, as well as celebrate good fortune, or at least herald it in.

Made of bronze, the Chau gong comes out of the oven completely dark-colored, like the outer ring and bullseye, then the gong makers skillfully lathe off the dark part to reveal the shiny ring in the center. They do this on the front and back.

The Chau Gong has a rim on its outer edge, and that is where the two holes are drilled that a rope can be put through to hang the gong.

In smaller diameters, the Chau Gong has more of a clear simple tone; in diameters that are more in the 16 inch to 22 inch, there are some layers of tones available. In the larger sizes, 26 inches and above, the Chau Gong has a deep meditative quality and can be built to a loud volume that can lead to the classic gong wash.

When you think traditional Chinese Gong, you can definitely see a Chau Gong in your mind's eye.

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