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Chocolate Drop Gongs

The Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to the Chau Gong. In fact, it is basically a Chau Gong with the outer dark ring lathed off.

This makes the Chocolate Drop Gong not only look brighter than the Chau Gong, it can make it sound brighter too.

Chocolate Drop Gongs - smaller than 14" These gongs are pretty, shiny and deliver clear simple tones. Perfect for home, office, desktop.

Chocolate Drop Gongs 16" to 22"

The musicality of this gong becomes more apparent in these sizes. Light strike? You get depth and fundamental tone. Harder strike or a build? You get a shimmer, then a splash or crash.

Chocolate Drop Gongs 24" to 30"

A bit more depth and flavor and overtones arise in this size range.

Chocolate Drop Gongs 32" and above

Larger Chocolate Drop Gongs, 32 inches and above, can have deep tones and long sustain, thanks to the amount of bronze that is used. These sounds are made more mystical and complex by the extra bit of higher notes at the end. These large gongs are a delightful discovery for the gong player.