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Dark Star Gongs

Exclusively made for Gongs Unlimited, the Dark Star Gongs are designed to bring beautiful tones into your life.

The Dark Star line resemble our Mother Tesla gongs, but with a more musical bounce to their tones, yet still able to maintain a moodier sentiment. The tones will bring out your thoughts for gentle examination, and help you grow.

The large Dark Star gongs (formerly know as Asteroid Belt gongs) are heavier, with more bronze, and are meant to help bring the bass. These larger gongs resonate through you for long stretches, their vibrations slowly crawling across the room. They are the SubWoofer of Gongs. They only come in sizes 32 inches and above.

These gongs are wonderful for any situation, be it a sound bath or restorative yoga, or even just as a centering tool in your home! Check these gongs out today.

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