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Kolberg Disc Gong Mallets with Aluminum Core



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This listing is for one Kolberg Disk Gong Mallet of your choice. Great when used for sonorous strikes and intense rolls.

Kolberg Disc-shaped Gong Mallets with an Aluminum Core are firm gong mallets designed to create intense strikes that get your Chinese and tuned gongs vibrating powerfully. The head features an aluminum core wrapped in a seamless hard-wearing felt layer. The ergonomically designed shaft is made of lacquered hornbeam with the length of the shaft adapted to the size of the mallet head.

With sensitive strength and powerful playfulness, these mallets will help you get the maximum sonic range and volume out of your gongs.

Small Mallet Measurements:
Head Width: 8cm / 3"
Head Height: 3cm / 1"
Length: 31cm / 12"
Weight: 250g / 9 oz

Medium Mallet Measurements:
Head Width: 12cm / 5"
Head Height: 3cm / 1"
Length: 34cm / 13.25"
Weight: 350g / 12oz

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