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Heng Gongs

Look at this gong! It is so heng!

For all of you urban, rural, hip, square, happening gong players out there 'heng', according to the Urban dictionary, means lucky.

Lucky also describes those who are blessed to play or hear this strong, round bearer of sound.

The Heng gongs are a bit thicker and heavier than the traditional Chau or Wind gongs. Where wind gongs have no rim and splash out sound liberally and Chau gongs have about an inch of rim that focuses the sound, the Heng has about a 2 inch rim that holds the sound like a lucky gambler gathers up a jackpot!

The thicker bronze holds a deep tone that resounds a long time. Will build to a crash? Sure! But a Heng's strength is the focused tunnel of sound that spirals from the back.

You know what that means.

With this gong you'll stay up all night to get Heng.

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