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Ma Gongs

Gongs Unlimited Traditional Ma Gongs

The Ma Gongs - both 7 and 8 inch - are delightful and mellifluous Chinese gongs that provide you with a clear tone, that has a timbre that is usually very pleasing to the ear.

They have a rim like a Chau Gong, but are fully lathed, like a Wind Gong.

Their rim and the thickness of the metal keeps the tone focused and specific, it doesn't get crashy, while the shininess of the gong, keeps their note sounding bright.

One of our favorite small Chinese Gongs at Gongs Unlimited, the Ma Gongs are a great small gong when you want to brighten up your mood.

We can't recommend them enough, but also our natural loquaciousness is being kept in check by the space available here.

Tell you what: just buy a Ma Gong and you will love it.

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