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Meinl Gong Mallets

Gongs Unlimited likes the well crafted Meinl Gong Mallets for several clear, indisputable reasons.

1 - The thick wooden handle. It is nice to hold something that is natural and substantial when playing a large Tam-Tam. Gets your blood flowing.

2 - The short handle. The response time from wrist to striking the gong is faster. The center of gravity - between hand, mallet, and gong is well... more centered than a longer handled mallet. Less room for "clunk."

3 - The sizes are different! There is a clear and distinct variation for each sized gong.

4 - The Malletheads here say the mallet head is strong, fierce when you want it, but also gentle for the thin Nickel Silver gongs that Meinl makes, which are similar to Paiste's style.