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Meinl Planetary Tuned Gong & Stand Combos

Meinl’s Planetary Tuned Gongs are handmade in Germany. They are tuned to match the audible frequencies of the planets in our solar system as well as the Sun and other galactic cycles. These frequencies are based on the calculations of mathematician Hans Cousto, and explained in his book, “The Cosmic Octave.”

Each Planetary Tuned Gong is handcrafted from a metal alloy called Nickel Silver and responds with great sensitivity to all types of playing. Their complex and specific sound is the product of hours spent by the gong makers refining the metal. The overall sound begins with a deep fundamental note that resonates at the archetypal frequencies of the planetary energies and then opens up to something compelling and soothing.

These gongs are great for sound therapy and meditation and aid in re-centering and realigning the energy of all who experience them.

The combinations below are for the gong and stand combo only.