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Ollihess Long Handled Medium Gong Mallets (S186) - Solo



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This listing is for one S186 mallet that comes in its own cotton drawstring bag.

The Ollihess Medium Gong Mallets with Long Handle (S186) are similar to Paiste M1 mallets and are great to use on gongs 20" and above. The obvious differences between Ollihess mallets and Paiste mallets are the colorful plush fleece heads and the wooden versus metal handle.

While the weight of the mallet is about the same, the slightly thicker wooden handles can feel more sturdy in your hand. It gives you a great quick response for gentle playing or rolling two mallets on the gong. An added benefit is the taper at the bottom so that your hand, if it slips, knows where the bottom of handle is.

Though the short-handled mallets are featured in the video above, instead of these long-handled mallets, you can still experience the sound of this medium-headed mallet.

If you want to use this mallet as a roller, buy them in a pair at a discount here!

Weight: 186 gr / 6.5 oz
Total Length: 36 cm / 14.5 in
Handle Diameter: 1.75 cm / .7 in
Handle Length: 30 cm / 11.5 in
Mallet Head Diameter: 7 cm / 2.75 in
Mallet Head Height: 7.6 cm / 3 in
Handle Material: Beech Wood - Biologically Waxed
Head Material: Fleece

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