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Sabian Collection

Sabian was founded in 1981 in New Brunswick Canada by Robert Zildjian of the Zildjian cymbal making family. Disappointed with the quality of the cymbals being made at the time, Robert wanted to use his company to create a higher-quality cymbal than his competitors.

The original Canadian factory still runs and actually produces the Sabian Symphonic and Zodiac gongs. The company itself has spread worldwide (stretching even as far as China where its Chinese gongs are manufactured) and distributes percussion to 120 countries.

Sabian prides itself on not only being a global center for original cymbals but sound innovation as well. As musical styles and tastes evolve, so must percussion instruments. Sabian keeps its mind open while creating instruments in order to keep up with the needs of the modern world. This can be seen in their wide selection which ranges from traditional to eclectic.