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Solar Flare Gongs

Gongs Unlimited calls the Sun Gong, the Solar Flare Gong. Why? Well we started doing that about a decade ago to give the gong a more modern feel and to acknowledge that it helps with bursts that can change your energy field.

The Sun or Solar Flare Gong is a modern creation by the Chinese Gong Makers. It is a Wind Gong, that has been lathed with concentric circles. They did this for design, for look, but it gives us a unique sound too.

The tones of the Sun Gong are more controlled than the Wind because the concentric circles don't let the gong crash fast. The sound is more controlled and this leads to a smooth, drawn-out splash tone.

The circles on this gong create a beautiful aesthetic that adds to any room. Many businesses like it because they see the design as a target, and they can celebrate once they reach their targets.