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Tone of Life Arched Double Gong Stand for up to 34" Gongs

Tone of Life


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The Tone of Life Arched Double Gong Stand is gold! Not real gold, but a golden-colored stand that will securely hold your gongs. This stand is easy on the eyes with it's arched top to match the perfect curvature of your gong.

It's pretty easy to assemble and it has wheels so you can roll your gongs where they need to go. The top holds gongs up to 34" and the bottom holds up to 30" gongs.

The Tone of Life team are experienced gong players who use these stands in their own gong meditations. They've thought of everything in this stand design and recommend it to practitioners of yoga, sound therapy and healing.

Stand Measurements:
Maximum Height: 78"
Width: 48"
Foot Depth: 28"
Inner Width: 44"
Top Hooks to Middle Bar (top): 38"
Bottom Hooks to Floor (bottom): 34"

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