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Tone of Life Gong Stand Bags for Arched Single and Double Stands

Tone of Life


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This listing comes with the bag only. There is an option to purchase this stand bag with or without wheels.

Note: This bag was designed for Tone of Life's Arched Single and Double Stands up to 42". It will not work well for other gong stands. If you're looking for one of Tone of Life's cases for their other gong stands, click here to look at their collection.

Tone of Life's Bag for Arched Single and Double Stands folds open and closed, with straps and clips to keep your stand securely in place when it's packed up. It has individual pockets for each of the long stand pieces, adding individual protection for each piece from the other pieces. There are also smaller pockets for accessories.

You have selected the option that features wheels on one end with a handle at the other end, allowing you to easily maneuver your gong stand about town without injuring a disc in your back or neck.

Bag Measurements:
Length: 63.5"
Width (open): 27"
Width (closed): 12"

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