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Tone of Life 36" Fire Gongs

Tone of Life


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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: These 36" Fire Gongs are unique. Once each one sells, we won't get more exactly like it, but we will eventually get more 36" Fire Gongs.

Tone of Life 36" Fire Gong (#UNO925)

Tone of Life 36" Fire Gong (#PIX853)

The Fire Gong is a delicate gong with a very clear sound full of vitality, liveliness, and warmth. Gently struck with a large mallet, it brings out beautiful low tones. Through continuous rhythmic striking, each additional layer of sound brings up beautiful bouquets of medium and high tones.

Playing this gong requires a completely new approach and experience. With subtle movements, you can invoke the broadest color of the sound. This gong is also visually beautiful, exposing shimmering colors and sparkles during play.

Like fire, this gong animates our senses. The element of fire represents the force that animates all existing forms.

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