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Tone of Life Gongs

Tone of Life

What’s the history of Tone of Life Gongs?

Tone of Life started as a sound therapy and meditation center in Poland in 2009. This collaboration between Tom Soltron and Abby Delsol, offering sound ceremonies, training, retreats, workshops, and more in the field of Sound as Medicine. Tone of Life Gongs began a few years later, when Tom joined forces with gongmaker Johannes Heimrath of Sona Sound to create amazing, one-of-a-kind gongs. Heimrath studied music composition and ethnology at the University of Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1971. He brings tons of sound therapy knowledge to the gong making process.

How are Tone of Life Gongs made?

Tone of Life gongs are handcrafted from Nickel Silver using a combination of traditional European gong making methods and innovative techniques developed from years of expertise and experience. Their gongs look amazing and unique, complete with maker's marks that indicate each gong is one-of-a-kind. As beautiful as these gongs look, they sound even more amazing and unique.

What are the different styles of Tone of Life gongs?

Tone of Life Gongs aren’t tuned to a specific note, but rather to a specific feeling or energy. They are similar to Paiste’s Sound Creation Gongs in this way. Each gong and its sound are designed to evoke a quality that is recognizable to the listener. This is very similar to what we mean when we talk about “energy” which isn’t necessarily measurable, but is knowable and recognizable when it’s experienced. The most recognizable styles are the classical Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each of the four elements offers a recognizable and unique sonic experience. Here are all of the different styles with a brief description of their energies and qualities. These four elements form the basis of their different types of gongs, in addition to other planetary styles, which are tuned to the “feeling” of each planet, rather than to a specific frequency.

  • Earth Gong | Earth element energy is associated with grounding, senses, the physical world, practicality, and life itself. It represents the manifestation of spirit into a physical body.
  • Air (Cosmo) Gong | Air element energy corresponds with communication, connection, thoughts, and information. It represents the way that inspiration comes to us like a divine breath.
  • Water Gong | Water element energy corresponds with emotions, intuition, and the subconscious. It represents the mysterious and unseen world of emotions and feeling.
  • Fire Gong | Fire element energy corresponds with action, instinct, energy, and passion. It represents the burning drive to act and to transform the world through that action.
  • Sun Gong | The Sun’s energy corresponds with your identity, your life’s path. It represents vitality and sense of purpose.
  • Shemoon Gong | The Moon’s energy corresponds with the inner self, the subconscious, and feelings. It represents a reflection of the Sun’s energy.
  • Stardust Gong | The energy of the stars correspond with the broader unifying energies that make up the whole, the energies that form who we are. It represents the background energies that we channel.
  • Dream Gong | The energy of dreams corresponds with the realm of the unconscious. It represents inspiration and intuition, the realm of possibility.
  • Dance Gong | The energy of dance corresponds with pure, ecstatic action. It represents the way that the body can be free to move and stomp and awaken the Kundalini.

What do Tone of Life Gongs come with?

Tone of Life Gongs come with the gong and a pre-tied rope for hanging the gong. If you need a gong stand, a bag, and gong mallets, you’ll have to order them separately (see below).

Does Tone of Life make Gong Stands?

Tone of Life designs gong stands to go with their gongs. These stands are designed specifically for Tone of Life gongs and they come in many different models and configurations. They have gong stands that are meant for travel, and they have gong stands that can hold up to three gongs.

Does Tone of Life make Gong Mallets?

Tone of Life also designs gong mallets that are perfect for their gongs. They have fluffy-headed felt mallets with both aluminum and wood handled options for your preference. These gong mallets soft and provide a nice balance of attack and resonance.

How about Flumies and Friction Mallets?

They also have their own flumies and friction mallets for creating whale sounds with their gongs. (Please note: their friction mallets have a coating which requires washing the head of each mallet with soap and water before the first use. If you don’t, the mallet can leave some streaks on the gong, which can be easily removed with some cloth and pressure).

Can I get a Tone of Life Gong Bag or Cover?

You bet! Click here to see all of their gong bags and stand bags, perfect for sound therapists and healers who want to take their sound healing tools from place to place.