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TreeWorks InfiniTree 140 Bar Double-Row Chimes (TRE70DB)

TreeWorks Chimes


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This listing comes with chimes and mantle.

TreeWorks InfiniTree 140 Bar Double-Row Chimes (TRE70DB) provide an extended cascade of shimmering sounds that go on for days. Like chromatic waves lapping the shoreline of your ears, these chimes will wash away the muck and rejuvenate, orchestral percussionists and sound therapists alike.

The bars are made of polished T6 aluminum/titanium alloy and hand-tied with braided CordLoc in two long rows to two Tennessee Black Walnut mantles. The two mantles of 70 bars are fixed together by a third mantle, or can be played separately as stand-alone chimes.

Chime Measurements (assembled):
Length: 44.5"
Height: 10"
Thickness: 1.25"

Learn to assemble and mount these chimes with Tony:

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