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TreeWorks Chimes

TreeWorks is serious about the build quality of their chimes. This level of craftsmanship has attracted musicians from all walks of life. For example, the top 24 DCI Drum Corps use TreeWorks Chimes, along with professional drummers and percussionists, Broadway shows, churches, universities, recording studios, music therapists, yoga studios and even sound healers.

TreeWorks Chimes are high-quality. They never paint, dip, tint, anodize, or plate the bars (to avoid negatively affecting the sound). Their chimes are quality-tested, made from an aluminum/titanium composition tempered at 350 degrees for 8 hours, giving them a clear, distinctive sound, unique to TreeWorks.

We can't say enough about TreeWorks Chimes, so we wrote a little blog about them. CHECK IT OUT!