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Unlimited Epic Vintage Gong Mallet



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This listing includes one gong mallet.

Coming to you from the Advanced Percussive Sciences Lab of Unlimited Technologies, we present to you the Unlimited Epic Vintage Gong Mallet!

With a small-hard yarn-wrapped head and sturdy wooden handle, this mallet provides fast attack. With a gentle tap, it will bring you clean, deep notes with fast response. When played harder on larger gongs, you will discover pockets of bright overtones that expand over the top of the deep fundamental note.

This mallet is recommended for use on both Chinese and European style gongs from 18" to 30" in diameter. Add the Epic Vintage Mallet to your sound therapy and spiritual healing toolkit today!

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 14"
Handle Length: 12"
Head Length: 2"
Head Diameter: 2.5"
Handle Diameter: 0.25"
Weight: 5 oz

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