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Unlimited Sweet Spot Mallet



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This listing includes one great gong mallet.

Why do we call it the Sweet Spot Mallet?

First: its head has a nice weight on the inside and a soft fabric on the outside, providing a deep tone without a hard attack. It is comparable to the Vic Firth GB1, which is great for low mallet noise (and ASMR), but does not have the same core weight to pull out a strong, deep fundamental note.

Second: The handle is made of wood, easy to hold, and provides a nice balance of weight. Here, we compare it to the Paiste M5 or M6 (a great booty call 9 times out of 10), which have weight and a nice soft exterior, but can be unbalanced, too heavy on the head with their lightweight metal handles.

We recommend this mallet for gongs 30" and above, Chinese or German style. They create sonic balance: good depth of fundamental without too much attack, and great resonance and harmonic overtone builds without a fast crash. It truly lives, like you, in that sweet spot.

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 17.5"
Handle Length: 14.75"
Head Length: 3.5"
Head Width: 4"
Weight: 1 lb 2 oz

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