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Unlimited Mother Tesla Gongs



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Mother Tesla Gong is an unlathed gong.

This is how a gong looks when it comes out of the oven. Most Chinese gongs have this color when they come out of their cast mold, but then are lathed to create different tones.

In the gong world, it's good to keep in mind that the smaller the gong the clearer the tone. The darker the color tone, the slower it is to crash. Mother Tesla Gong, with its unlathed exterior maintains a deeper tone. It doesn’t crash like a Wind Gong, or even a Chau.

The Mother Tesla Gongs are great for engraving on, as the image engraved really shows up well.



The 7" Mother Tesla Gong, lovingly referred to as, Baby Mama, has no drama. She actually dispels drama with one smooth smack of the mallet. When that clear, solid tone rings through babies and mamas and papas go silent. Listen.

At Gongs Unlimited we know that a little gong goes a long ways. Now you know the secret. Phew!

The 8" Mother Tesla Gong may be small, but holds a mighty space. Unlathed gongs hold a strong tone in a heart of bronze. Whatever you do, it holds space for you and will ring through truth when you need to hear it. For as we all know, mamas don't take no mess.

The 10" Mother Tesla Gong. Do you love your Mama?

Was she nice to you? Then you want to give her a nice hug and kiss.

Was she mean? Then you want to forgive her and understand she couldn't be the perfect mother you wanted.

But maybe she was just the mother you needed... just like you need this 10” Mother Tesla Gong. Dark bell-like tone, a simple clear note, not a lot of crash. This is a perfect little gong for bedtime meditation, for alerting the firemen that dinner is ready, for breaking bad news to carpet cleaners, for waking up your cocker spaniel!

Every body, every soul, every mind and spirit gots to give some props to not only their many earthly mothers, but their divine mother and her daughters. Elvis did it. Jackson 5 did it. You can do it just as easily with this gong.

The 12” Mother Tesla Gong doesn't crash, it calls to you with a steady tone, a sound surprise that will delight the ears! With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today. For this is the gong that makes you happy.

Oh yeah, baby.

Our 14" Mother Tesla Gong is the perfect addition to any mother's home. It is an unlathed gong giving it a cohesive, unobtrusive look, but can be dressed up with a famous green raincoat much like the one worn by our lovely model below to give it that stylish pizzazz that mothers crave. It gives off a darker, rumbling tone that is the perfect accompaniment for baking cookies or knitting afghans.

Click here for an excerpt of Mothers Throughout History sponsored by the 14" Mother Tesla Gong.

Need to call your mom? Try the 16" Mother Tesla Gong.

Whether it’s as a plea, “"MOM! They’'re stepping on me again!”" 

Or a beckon, “"Pretty mama, will you dance a little closer?"

Or a warning, “"Watch out! Mom’'s coming!”" 

The low force of the 16”” Mother Tesla gong can meet all your urgent needs. With a lighter touch it can reach the softer side too. Even a, “"Thanks, mama.”" Or a, “"Mama-mia, life is good!”" Or a, “"Momma, I’’m coming home!”"

Rather than a pitchfork hold the great 18" Mother Tesla Gong.

Where once was good growing with arms outstretched to the Divine Sun, evil has now spread its seeds, its vines and weeds choke that which would sustain us. - Head Mallethead

Tilling our sonic soil with a deep toned yet easy to carry, not too loud gong: that is the 18" Mother Tesla, designed specifically for Gongs Unlimited. It can provide a deep tone without a splash/crash.

It can get a laser like high note sometimes.

It can be a meditative healer for the soul/soil.

Read more about the American Gong-thic and the 18" Mother Tesla Gong.

The 22" Mother Tesla Gong is a version of the 22" Chau Gong, the classic bullseye design, however what we asked our gong makers to do was NOT lathe it. There are several reasons for this. And several effects sonically and energetically.

By not polishing off the iron oxide, the gongmakers make sure that the gong is solid and mellifluous coming out of the oven. These gongs need to look good and sound good at their basic level.

Also, without polishing the gong, we get less of a forced pitch or crash, and more of a spectrum of tones that are organic to the bronze.

However, you don't have to be beholden to the organic sound of the Mother Tesla and fear altering it all. The Mother Tesla is a gong that is great for meditation and healing, as it holds a nice deep tone. We created this gong also because it a great gong to engrave. Your image will be tan-brown and highlighted within the black.

The 24" Mother Tesla Gong comes with a sound surprise that will delight the ears! The Mother Tesla gong doesn't crash, it calls to you with a steady tone.

With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today. For this is the gong that makes you happy.

Oh yeah, baby.

The 26" Mother Tesla Gong comes with a sound surprise that will delight the ears! The Mother Tesla gong doesn't crash, it calls to you with a steady tone.

With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today. For this is the gong that makes you happy.

Oh yeah, baby.

The 28" Mother Tesla Gong. Dark. Mysterious. Like sugar in the raw.

Yes! You got it. Words and phrases used to describe a Mother Tesla gong.

The 28" Mother Tesla gong is a young mother, but solid and meditative. Her Om is a low, buoying rumble. She is also artistic and capable of being the canvas from which creation bounces. 28" Mother Tesla is ready to make your home more homey.

Welcome home to the 32" Mother Tesla Gong! Can this Mother Tesla gong envelop you with an overwhelming rush of emotion and healing? Yes it can.

Once she is tapped, she doesn't stop. This gong resonates on and on and on.

Keep striking her and will this hard headed and bodied woman crash? NO! Sound builds upon sound with intense bass pulsing through her core.

This is not lust. This is love. Not the free love of New Age, but the enduring love of the Bass Age.

The 36" Mother Tesla Gong She has always loved you. Get ready to love her back!

The 40" Mother Tesla Gong isn’’t going to judge. It's like a good Momma! Universal love.

This gong has no capacity for judgment. It is a gong! That doesn't mean it doesn't sometimes get asked to judge, as in the case of Nikolaus Tesla and his Aunties.

The Mother Tesla only has capacity for sound. Rich, beautiful sound.

And of course, the Mother Tesla style of gong is a Gongs Unlimited exclusive. If Tesla himself were alive, he’'d definitely own at least a few of these bad girls, because he’'d recognize the low, consistent tones this gong produces has high-end sound healing qualities.

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