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Unlimited Exclusive Chinese Gongs

We’ve developed these gong designs with various Chinese gong makers to highlight a range of qualities brought forward by different lathing patterns and changes in the metallurgy. You cannot find these styles of gongs anywhere else.

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Atlantis: Dark and mysterious, each instance of this gong will have different coloration and random, varying harmonics and overtones.

Atlantis Chau: A mix of our traditional Chau Gong style, with it's concentric rings, and our Atlantis gong, with it's mysterious coloration, and random, varying harmonics, building to a balanced crash.

Mother Tesla: Very dark and fundamental-tone focused, this gong is completely unlathed with dark, mid-range harmonics and overtones.

Nebula: Deep and dark like the Dark Star gongs, the Nebula gong has an added level of control and darkness because of the smaller lathed area in the center.

Dark Star: With the weight and depth of the Mother Tesla but with a more clarified, clean tone and musicality, yet maintaining the same moodiness.

Subatomic: Deep and balanced, this is the cousin of the Chau, with more complexity on the harmonics and overtones and a clarified, musical finish.

Chocolate Drop: With depth and clear simplicity, this gong is similar to the Chau, only the outer ring is lathed away, adding cleanliness and clarity to the balanced fundamental tone.

Galactic Ring: Dark with touches of light, the Galactic Ring mixes the lower tones of unlathed bronze with higher pitches gained from its two lathed rings.

Lunar Flare: Unlike its cousin, the Solar Flare, the Lunar Flare has a rim that focuses the lighter tones that emanate from the concentric lathed rings.

Mother Tesla: Very dark and fundamental-tone focused, this gong is completely unlathed with dark, mid-range harmonics and overtones.

Taoist Moonlight: With a rim like the classic Chau Gong and a balanced Yin and Yang lathing pattern, this gong has a balanced overall tone with a controlled but complex crash.

Taoist Breeze: Like the classic Wind Gong, this gong doesn't have a rim, allowing it to build to a full crash. The unlathed portions of the gong add some balance, control, and focus to the overall sound.

Temple Wind: With no rim and a fully lathed center, this gong is much like the classic Wind Gong. The outer ring on this gong is left unlathed allowing for an engraved design and more focus and clarity in the overall sound.

Chinese Tuned Gongs: A one of a kind tuned Chinese Gong! Yes, once these are gone they are gone. These gongs are non-returnable.

If you have questions, our Unlimited staff want nothing more than to help you find the perfect gong, so contact us!