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Wind Gongs

Wind Gongs, as the name would suggest, produce a "whooshing" series of overtones. When these bronze frisbees come out of the casting process, they have a completely dark finish. They are then lathed and the dark finish disappears to reveal the shiny face of the wind gong. The removal of the outer layer of burned bronze, combined with the absence of a rim on the back of the gong, creates a gong with some cymbal-like characteristics.

Up to 16", this gong can be tapped with a hard mallet to produce an almost bell-like tone. From 16" to 26" this gong releases a celebratory crash quickly and easily. At 28" and above, this gong can be played with a variety of mallets to produce a wide range of overtones. The larger the wind gong, the wider the space between the initial beating of the gong and the release of the overtones.

The wind gong is great as a handheld gong for clearing out your space or for a celebratory annunciation. At the larger sizes, these gongs have a lot of room for experimentation. When played with a large, soft mallet, large wind gongs will give you a full range of sounds for your therapy space or percussion set-up.