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Wuhan Bao Gongs

Yes, each gong comes with a mallet.

The Wuhan Bao Gong is a suspended nipple gong.

Now everyone and their brother on the Internet can tell you the Bao Gong is a sacred gong and often used in temples, but how many of them know there was an actual Chinese magistrate that lived over a thousand years ago who is known as Bao Gong?

So revered is Bao Gong for his integrity in fighting corruption that millions of Chinese still visit his tomb and lots of Chinese operas feature him as a character.

What made him so famous? They say it is because he insisted that every person, even if they were a close relative of the Emperor, should be punished, if guilty. We think Bao Gong's real claim to fame was not getting killed after sentencing the VIPs. Dude was blessed.

Either way you look at it, a Gong named Bao is going to give you some good karma. Buy your Wuhan Bao Gong today! And then go get some Dim Sum and order a Bao dumpling. Yummmmm.

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