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Zaphir Chimes

The Zaphir Shanti Wind Chimes have been well-known musical instruments for more than 30 years, and are much appreciated for their meditative sounds, glowing colors, and quality. Easy and delightful to play, these musical instruments are often used for relaxation and healing sessions, yoga / meditation, sound therapy, sound healing, perinatal care, as well as in educational work with children and adults.

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Zaphir Chimes

What do the Zaphir Chime names mean? How are they tuned?

Zaphir Chimes come in five different tunings. We offer each tuning in three different unique marbled color designs for a total of 15 different options. We also offer full Zaphir Chime Sets of five, with one of each tuning. The five different tunings or chords are named according to the elements and seasons. They are tuned as follows:

  • Crystalide | G A B D A G B D (Spring / Wood)
  • Sunray | G# B C# E G# E A C# (Summer / Fire)
  • Twilight | E G B C E G B C (Autumn / Metal)
  • Blue Moon | D F A B C E A# C (Winter / Water)
  • Sufi | F A D F A G A D (Intermediate / Earth)

Do I need to do anything to maintain my Zaphir Chimes?

There is a layer of eco-safe varnish and paint that’s been applied to the sensitive parts of the chime, but regular maintenance with varnish or oil will help to keep your Zaphir Chime protected for much longer. Still, this won’t fully prevent the negative effects of changing outdoor weather conditions.

Can they be kept outdoors?

If kept outside, they should be kept under a porch or some other area protected from rain and precipitation. If so, it should last for many years – eventually, over time, moisture in the air could affect the body of the chime.

How are Zaphir Chimes made and what are they made of?

Each of these musical instruments from Zaphir has 8 metal tines of different lengths, welded onto a metal ring at the base of the interior tube. After being welded with silver to the metal ring, they are carefully tuned to refine the fundamental tones and harmonic overtones. The proportions of the resonance tube coincide with the Golden Ratio, assuring perfect sound. The tube is made of crushed, pressed layer of long fiber celluloid board. The materials are natural and recyclable. There is a protective layer of varnish and the wooden parts are wax coated.

Where are Zaphir Chimes made?

Zaphir chimes are made in France by former makers of Shanti chimes. When the Shanti chime maker retired, both Koshi Chimes and Zaphir Chimes were formed to continue making the Shanti designs.

How are Zaphir Chimes played?

Like Koshi Chimes and Shanti Chimes, these musical instruments are played by holding the chime string and gently swaying around as the activator in the center of the tube moves around, tapping the tines on the inside of the tube and activating the sound.

Do I need anything other than the Zaphir Chimes to get started?

Zaphir Chimes can be played without any additional equipment. If you’re interested in purchasing a full set of five chimes, you may want to buy one of our custom designed Zaphir Chime Stands.

We also have Soft Cases for full sets of Zaphir Chimes, to protect them while you’re traveling or while you’re not using them for sound healing sessions or sound therapy sessions.

Are Zaphir Chimes good for Sound Bath Meditations or Sound Therapy?

The benefits of chimes in your sound healing sessions and sound therapy sessions are huge. Just like with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, and other musical instruments for meditation, chimes bring the power of sound to your meditation practice. These chimes are perfect to carry and play over your sound healing clients while they’re sitting or laying, in-between gong sessions or while someone else is playing other instruments. Their soft, calming tones are the perfect thing to wash away stress.