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Ollihess Mallets

Ollihess Gong Mallets are made in Germany from sustainable regional materials. They have beautiful wood handles, soft fabric heads, and are produced in a variety of weights and sizes for all the gongs and bowls in your world.

Ollihess guide to mallet care

Ollihess Friction Mallets

To help you find the perfect fit for your gong needs, we'd like to offer these recommendations:

Lite 100 and 200 Mallets:
Gong Sizes: 18" - 40"

M70 Mallet:
Gong Sizes: 16" - 50"

S186 Mallet:
Gong Sizes: 20" - 50"

M174 Mallet:
Gong Sizes: 16" - 50"

M305 Mallet:
Gong Sizes: 28" and larger

L355 Mallet:
Gong Size: 30" and larger

L460 Mallet:
Gong Size: 34" and larger

L815 Mallet:
Gong Size: 38" and larger