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Using Friction Mallets/Flumies on Steel Gongs

Friction Mallets, or Flumies, are a special kind of mallet. By dragging the rubber or silicone head of a friction mallet across the face of your gong, you can make the gong sing without striking it. We offer a broad range of brands and styles bringing a wide swath of sounds to your gong baths and sound healings.

If you're interested in using them on your Steel Gongs, you have come to the right place! We have tested all of them out and have found some that work very well and would like to offer the following recommendations:

1) Ollihess Rubber Lava Friction Mallets
These mallets sound great without leaving rubber trail marks on the gong.

2) B Love Sacred Sound Friction Mallets
These mallets play easily and sound great without leaving rubber trail marks on the gong.

3) Unlimited eGong Wands
The eGong Wand works well and the gong is responsive, but it can leave minimal trail marks behind. Please see the note about cleaning below.

4) Unlimited Soundpoet or Ollihess Crazy Egg Friction Mallets
Both the Unlimited Soundpoet and the Ollihess Crazy Egg Mallets work well on steel gongs, but can leave behind some rubber residue on the gong.

The surface of the steel gong is fairly resilient to smudges and markings. We have found that even significant rubber trails and marks from random flumies can be wiped right off using a microfiber cloth and 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. We did not see any affect to the the color or shine of the gong surface.

Please avoid the traditional rubber ball mallets like Emil Richards, Acoustic Percussion Flumies, or Unlimited Mallets like the Inner Child or Birthday Party Mallets. The rubber style of these mallets does not work well with the steel and will leave marks.