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16" Gongs on Sacred Space Outdoor Stand



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This combo includes the gong of your choice, gong stand, and a traditional Chinese Mallet.

Note: The gong in the photo and video is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look and sound like.

The 16" Atlantis Gong is a gift that reminds us of a treasure found under the sea in the kingdom on Atlantis where sound was used regularly for healing.

In the heating and cooling of the Atlantis gongs, something magical happens. Colors blossom on the surface. No two Atlantis gongs are alike, but all have a depth of sound combined with unique sound flavors that no one can resist.

Because it was born from the sea, the Atlantis Gong is comfortable outdoors and will age well in any weather.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Chau Gong will last the centuries. You will pass this down to your children and they will give it to their children, and their children, until one day, many many many generations from now, when we have reached the Singularity, or the Event Horizon, or the Debt Ceiling... all these gongs will be at the center, all ringing and singing and gonging... And you will know, from your perch on the spiritual levels, that you aided humanity's advancement. Good Job!

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Chocolate Drop Gong is a feisty, medium sized gong. It's sound has depth, but some brightness and sparkle. The depth comes from the rim and inner circle of "chocolate" - which is really where the gong was not lathed. The bright parts are where they lathe the gong, like a cymbal and take off the dark parts. The sparkle comes from the shiny part of the gong, for as it looks bright, it also sounds bright.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Heng Gong is present; it is there to support you. The tone is long-lasting and though the gong will crash with a hard smack, it's strength is the powerful, deep tone.

Heng gongs are heavier that your average Chinese gong with a rim twice as deep as most Chinese gongs. This gives the tone feeling of solidity.

This music of this gong bulldozes over old feelings and frustrations leading you into a sense of peace. Peace on earth. It begins with you and your gong.

Approximate Gong Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz

The 16" Lunar Flare Gong is appropriately named, for its sounds move the water in your body in a way to loosen stuck emotions, if you work with it. It works the stuck sounds in your body so you can release them. It takes you from the Dark Side of the Moon, the brilliant reflective Light Side.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The low force of the 16” Mother Tesla Gong can meet all your urgent needs. With a lighter touch it can reach the softer side too. Even a, "Thanks, mama." Or a, "Mama-mia, life is good!" Or a, "Momma, I’m coming home!"

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Subatomic Gong appeared in the dream we both shared, the dream of a perfect music in an imperfect world, a dream where people were nude, not naked. A gong rang that made the miniature elephants rise on their hind legs and dance, while trumpeting out the names of angels that could be understood in any language.

It was the electromagnetic wandering that led us here, to this gong, and I knew you would see it, and seize upon it, and purchase it.

And then you would strike this gong, and walk further in the dream of this sacred space, never lost again.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Vietnamese Pham Tuân Gongs are made by workers of bronze in Vietnam. They are a Cong Gong, which means they have a "bell" or "nipple" that focuses the tone of the gong. The tone comes from the center bell and is clarion and healing. They ring out in a bell-like way without crashing. These small gongs have a higher tone to break through fog.

Wind is in the rustling branches.
Wind is howling in the secret, crooked corners of the attic.
Wind makes the clouds look like bunny rabbits.
In short, wind is versatile.

The 16" Wind Gong can handle almost anything that's thrown at it- from a puff of breath to a full-fledged cyclone. And the Sacred Space Gong Stand included in this combo provides the stability needed should things reach gale force. Or just Gail, your neighbor, stops by, dyspeptic.

Let her gong it out! Invite all the neighbors to gong it out and see how the wind changes.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs

Gongs Unlimited's Sacred Space Outdoor Gong Stand is perfect for your garden, backyard, other landscaped area. Its design is reminiscent of a Japanese torii gate. Placed at the entrance of shrines, crossing through the torii gate reminds you that the sacred is near.

The Sacred Space Outdoor Gong Stand has legs that go easily into the earth with a simple push. The stand's paint should last for a few years in regular weather before it needs a touch up. Bronze gongs are fine outside, and can develop some attractive patina over time. (If you want to clean your gong, we have cleaners for that, and you can contact us with questions.)

This combo comes with a mallet but because it is wood and fabric, we suggest that you do not leave the mallet outside in the elements. Keep calm and carry your mallet with you to your sacred space.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 29"
Height: 32"
Inner Width: 20"
Inner Height: 23"
Depth of Feet: 20"
Length of Legs: 7"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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