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20" to 22" Gongs on the Spirit Guide Gong Stand



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This listing includes the gong, Spirit Guide Stand, and matching stained mallet.

The Spirit Guide Wood Gong Stand is stained a rich dark brown with hints of red.

A Spirit Guide is a spirit like you, who currently does not have a body. Their job is to guide you in one or more sections of your life. Let your Spirit Guide lead you to the perfect gong stand for your home or office.

This stand is easily assembled and sturdy as it guides the energy of your room directly to your gong. It is great for end tables, dressers, and meditation nooks. When you want to make your gong even more beautiful, this is the stand you need. It's the perfect addition to any room. Find your Spirit Guide. Let it guide you.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 34"
Height: 32.5"
Depth of Feet: 14"



The 20" Wind Gong is bright and feisty. A little spicy and a little glittery, and ready to help you create a new world in your world.

The 20" Heng Gong has a deeper rim than other Chinese Gongs, and is a bit thicker in the bronze, but it is fully lathed like the Wind Gong. This creates a complex and marvelous mixture of sounds. At this size, the gong will have a bell-like purity to its tone when tapped gently with a hard mallet.

We're in the process of making a great sample video to illustrate this size and type of gong. If you are interested in purchasing this gong, but need to hear it first, please contact us here and we can create a quick video for you.

The 20" White Gong is a gong with a rim, similar to a Chau Gong, so it can have a deeper focused tone, but it also is fully lathed, like a Wind Gong, so it can have a bit of a splash and a crash.

It is more musical than a Wind Gong though.

The 20" Chau Gong is one our classic Chinese gongs. A well known design to even those people who don't know much about gongs, the Chau Gong at this size produces a good clear gong tone that can fill up a room with sound easily.

You can play it soft and subtly, or strike it hard and get a sonic blast. It has a deep note but can build to a crash and splash fairly easily.

The 20" Dark Star Gong resembles our Mother Tesla Gongs, with a more musical bounce to their tones, yet still able to maintain a dark, moodier sentiment. The tones will bring out your thoughts for gentle examination, and help you grow spiritually and emotionally.

The 22" Wind Gong is bronze and is handmade. It has a traditional gong sound that sounds like the wind when struck with a little force, like a crash or splash. Think like a vertical cymbal. This is a celebratory sound in a gong and one that is great for happy times.

The 22" Chau Gong is one our classic Chinese gongs. It is bronze, and handmade. This is a well known design to even those people who don't know much about gongs. The Chau Gong at this size produces a good clear gong tone that can fill up a room with sound easily.

You can play it soft and subtly, or strike it hard and get a sonic blast. It has a deep note but can build to a crash and splash fairly easily.

The 22" Subatomic Gong is made exclusively for Gongs Unlimited. Subatomic Gongs are to our Chau Gong as the black keys on a piano are to the white.

The Subatomic creates a more mystic tone when struck, with a more complex overtones. Often, striking it in the different concentric rings will give you a slightly different tone each time, adding to the mystique of these gongs. It helps move those darker energies out.

These gongs will allow you to tap into your reserve of strength to heal and grow into a greater person.

The 22" Chocolate Drop Gong is bronze, and handmade. You cannot get the Chocolate Drop Gong anywhere else but Gongs Unlimited because we designed it with our happy gongmaker in Wuhan China.

Based on a Chau Gong, that is the bullseye design with a rim, we removed the outer ring. What this does is give you a bit more response and shimmer and splash. Because we have had the outer ring area lathed, it has a bouncier, more lively tone, and faster response when you strike it.

Strike it lightly and you get gentle clean depth.
Depth to exultant flourish in one gong.

Life is a mystery, it's true. Think of the miracle of circling the sun year after year and still being alive! How does that work? Even when it is explained, there seems to be a large space for the miraculous.

The 22" Solar Flare Gong hearkens us to that space. It is a splashy, yet dark gong. The concentric circles of dark and light bring an interplay of reserve and bright splash. It radiates with a deep, playful sound.

The 22" Atlantis Gong is a Gongs Unlimited original! The totally great thing about our Atlantis Gongs is that each one looks slightly different.

The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs!

These gongs are like Jazz -- not the team from Utah -- but the music. Improv on a theme...

The 22" Dark Star Gong stays deeper than other gongs and yet has a sweet spot that gives you a musical tone that is like Marvin Gaye's voice on a your favorite dinner.

The 22" Galactic Ring Gong is mysterious and soothing. It is like swimming in the summer ocean at night. Deep tones control the crashes as they lap on the shore of your consciousness.

Often with these gongs, each ring has a slightly different tone.

Many spiral galaxies have rings in them, but not all. Astrophysicists do not yet have the answers as to why the rings form and how, but they embrace the distance between us and the answer of these galactic rings.

That journey from darkness to light is made more delightful with a 22" Galactic Ring Gong.

The 22" Lunar Flare Gong has a deep sound, though not as sharp as its sister, the Solar Flare Gong.

The rim focuses the sound which lingers pleasantly. There's a lightness, like the light from the moon that pierces the thick of night. Deep sound emanates and expands and transforms dark to light.

The Lunar Flare Gong is named after the ring of brightness that appears around the moon in a photo. It embodies the eternal of Earth's only satellite, yet we know the flare only because of today's technology which made it possible to capture this previously unseen and beautiful phenomenon.

The delightful occurrence of the brilliant Lunar Flare is represented in the gong's bright lathing. Let the 22" Lunar Flare brighten your dark nights (and days!) as the full moon would - without any of the ill effects.

The 22" Mother Tesla Gong is a dark, compelling, mysterious gong. (It is also great to engrave words or your logo on.)

It fills your world with mystery and the answers to mysteries at the same time. Just like life, and the feminine.

The 22" White Gong has a rim like a Chau Gong but is also fully lathed like a Wind gong. As expected, the White Gong has qualities of both these traditional Chinese gongs. The full lathing creates a bright, airy sound with a shiny splash, but the rim focuses that splash, and gives clarity to the overall sound. It can be played gently and will create a tone that is both musical and meditative.


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