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Bag for Paiste and Gibraltar Gong Stands



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The Unlimited Gong Stand Bag fits all the Paiste Square and Set Stands as well as the Gibraltar Gong StandUnlimited Two Stand, and the Everyday Miracle Stand. Padded and easy to move, it also has a shoulder strap for ease and so you look cool walking down the catwalk.

Note: This bag does NOT work with the Gibraltar Curved Gong Stand, only the standard Gibraltar Gong Stand for 32" to 38" Gongs.

A review from one of our customers, Jere Friedman at Gong 2 Heaven:

"I received the new Unlimited Gong Stand Bags from Gongs Unlimited the other day and used them to tote my stands back from our Summer Solstice gongbath.

"Throw away your bungee cords, folks, these bags are AWESOME! They are sturdy and well padded. They are large enough to hold two large set stands (up to 40”" each) but I do NOT recommend that you put more than one large stand in a bag unless you are King Kong or you have another person to help you carry it– the bags can handle it but it will be HEAVY. I did put my two smaller stands (for my 24”" and 20”" gongs) in one bag and those are light enough that I can carry both in one case by myself.

"The great thing about these bags is that you can put your stands in them and load them in and out your car (including the back seat) without risking damaging the upholstery, etc. The only negative is that you have to collapse the upright bars of the stand and take off the feet, then reverse the process when you reassemble. Extra steps perhaps, but as far as I’'m concerned the extra time involved is worth the benefit of easier carrying, loading and unloading."

Approximate Measurements:
Inside Bag: 53" x 6" x 6"
...But this can vary slightly depending on the seamstress that day.

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