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Earth and Spirit Sound Healing Set



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This listing includes a full set of 4 Koshi chimes, chime stand, singing bowl, pillow, and striker. There are options to include a carrying case and/or books.

Interested in sound healing? Want to wade into the waters of spiritual healing work with sonic vibration? Not sure where to start?

We put together this starter set with a few different pieces we think work great for sound healers just getting started. Use this set for at-home self-healing work, or it's great when doing light 1-on-1 work with clients.

Koshi Chimes come in four different tunings, one for each of the classical Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They are unique in sound and appearance, with beautiful, clean tones. They're perfect for clearing your physical and spiritual space and promoting a meditative state.

They come on our Chimefornia Stand. It is an appealing, arched, table-top pine wood stand, perfect for presenting and playing these chimes.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 23.5"
Width: 24.5"
Depth of Feet: 12"

We've also included our 6" Pumori Singing Bowl. It's great for gently tapping or singing the conscious mind into a meditative state.

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