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Earth Tuned Solar Bells

Earth Tuned


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This listing comes with one Solar Bell and a hanging rope. These do not come with a mallet.

Note: Each Solar Bell is unique. Once each one sells, we won't have another one exactly like it, but we will eventually have more Solar Bells.

Earth Tuned Solar Bell (#SJW010)

Earth Tuned Solar Bell (#JIM222)

For sound therapists, spiritual healers, and mathematical mystics who love the mystery of 432 Hz, the Earth Tuned Solar Bells, tuned to A at 432 Hz, are a great instrument to add to you spiritual toolkit!

Solar Bells are designed to harmonize with the body's energetic field to induce deep states of meditation, regeneration, and illumination. 432 Hz is the natural tuning of A, which is based on the fundamental geometry of sound and nature, which is mathematically consistent with the universal principals. These tones harmonize with the body's own energetic and resonant field.

Inscribed with hieroglyphs calling upon the sun, these bells will help you connect with the Earth and nature, bringing about a state of deep inner peace.

Diameter: 7.77"
Thickness: 1"
Rope Length: 7"

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