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Freenotes C / G Wave Distributor (A = 432 Hz)



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Each Freenotes Wave Distributor comes with one mallet.

Freenotes C / G Wave Distributor (A=432 Hz)

Freenotes Musical Instruments were created by Richard Cooke, a Grammy award-winning musician who created a family of instruments that give everyone a way to play beautiful music simply. Each Freenotes instrument is sturdy, lightweight, and portable, with no moving parts or necessary tuning, making them a great instrument for beginners and trained musicians alike!

The Freenotes Wave Distributors are one of the most amazing sound tools ever created! Each Wave has two tones tuned a fifth apart and a deep bass tone nearly three octaves lower than the upper two.

The interval of a fifth is the most harmonious interval: two vibrations of the lower tone equal exactly three vibrations of the upper tone creating an extremely relaxing tonal combination. These vibrations are felt when grasping the handle, but the tones remain unaffected.

Each of these Wave Distributors has been tuned using the A = 432 Hz tuning system to tap into the Pythagorean Spiral. By tapping into this perfect ratio of nature, you can have profound effects on consciousness.

Add a Freenotes Instrument to your sound healing toolkit today and begin to unlock your creative potential!

C / G Wave Measurements:
Length: 21.5"
Width: 14.75"
Depth: 4 mm
Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 14.75"
Handle Length: 12.5"
Head Length: 2.25"
Head Diameter: 2"
Handle Diameter: 1 cm
Weight: 2.2 oz

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