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Martin Bläse Planet Trigons: Natural Bronze

Kult-Ur-Sprung Products by Martin Bläse


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This item comes in a gift box with a specially crafted mallet.

Natural Bronze Sun Trigon
Frequency : 1010Hz

Natural Bronze Mercury Trigon
Frequency : 1130 Hz

Natural Bronze Venus Trigon
Frequency : 1770 Hz

Natural Bronze Earth Year Trigon
Frequency : 1089 Hz

Natural Bronze Platonic Year Trigon
Frequency : 1376 Hz

Natural Bronze Sidereal Earth Day Trigon
Frequency : 1558 Hz

Natural Bronze Synodic Earth Day Trigon
Frequency : 1553 Hz

Natural Bronze Sidereal Moon Trigon
Frequency : 1819 Hz

Natural Bronze Synodic Moon Trigon
Frequency : 1683 Hz

Natural Bronze Mars Trigon
Frequency : 1158 Hz

Natural Bronze Jupiter Trigon
Frequency : 1469 Hz

Natural Bronze Saturn Trigon
Frequency : 1183 Hz

Natural Bronze Uranus Trigon
Frequency : 1659 Hz

Natural Bronze Neptune Trigon
Frequency : 1692 Hz

Natural Bronze Pluto Trigon
Frequency : 1122 Hz

Natural Bronze Trigons are not polished, so each one has a unique look from the hammering and heating of them. Bronze can provide a warmer timbre than Nickel Silver. Bronze is primarily a mixture of copper and tin.Trigons, formed and tuned by Martin Bläse, are uniquely tuned to the frequencies of individual planets or events that occur in our solar system. Martin Bläse created his Trigons with cosmic sound work in mind in order to create further connections with humanity and nature. These Trigons interact beautifully with other planetary tuned instruments for an intense cosmic energy experience.

Our home, Earth, hangs in a vast cosmos. The majority of our species will never see beyond the confines of our native planet. We are aware of what lies beyond us; however, it is out of our physical reach and many of us fear that in our short time existing on this plane, we will never break free from our own gravitational pull and experience the awe of the outer spaces.

Yet spiritually, we are connected to that which surrounds us, on deep deep levels, and although we have entered into a world that we have adapted to as a species, our minds wander far from our home and we dream of places that our bodies were never made to go. We are a creative people, explorative and imaginative, and we have found ways of taking aspects of the universe and molding them into physical embodiments of our planet's extraterrestrial counterparts. In a small piece of metal we have the frequencies of space and planets.

Length: 5.25”
Height: 2.75”

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