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Mallet Set for 34" to 36" Bronze (Chinese) Gongs



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This set includes the Unlimited Sweet Spot Mallet, Unlimited Legendary Classic Mallet, pair of Unlimited Roller Coasters, pair of Unlimited Space Grapes, and the option to add a Set of 3 Alien Friction Mallets.

We put together this mallet set for sound therapists, percussionists, composers, and yoga instructors using 34" to 36" Chinese and similar bronze-style gongs.

We included a range of mallets, sized specifically for 34" and 36" gongs, meant to draw out the full range of sounds these types and sizes of gongs can offer. Read about each of the mallets included below to find what each one provides.

The Unlimited Sweet Spot Mallet has a soft, furry head with a weighted core. It features a balanced, wooden handle. This combination provides player control, bringing out a deep fundamental tone with subtle resonance and harmonics, without too much attack ("thunk" sound) or mallet noise.

The Unlimited Legendary Classic has a weighted, medium-hard, yarn-wrapped head, with a sturdy wooden handle, providing fast attack and a clear, deep fundamental tone without too much resonance or crash. This mallet is great for tapping the gong to get concentrated, deep tones.

Play a pair of Space Grapes Mallets and make your gong sound like sparking wine bubbling during a Gamma Ray burst. Yes, these are made of actual Space Grapes that are grown on Gongymede, one of the moons of Jupiter! Play them light on a large gong and bring out the delightful higher tones gently. Roll them with some force on a gong and find unique builds. They are also great on larger singing bowls too. The softness of the fabric controls the tones from the smaller surface area of these mallets

The Unlimited Roller Coasters are a lightweight pair of rollers built with an elongated core that increases the surface contact with your gong in order to create gentle, slow controlled builds.

The Set of 3 Alien Friction Mallets have rubber heads and thin, flexible handles, perfect for dragging across the face of your gong to create a range of tones and mysterious whale sounds.

Space Grapes
Roller Coasters Alien
Length 17.5" 17.5" 16" 16" 8.25" to 9"
Head Length 3.5" 3.75" 2" 4" 1" to 2"
Head Width
4" 4" 2" 2.75" 1" to 2"

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