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Martin Bläse Tuned Sound Plates

Kult-Ur-Sprung Products by Martin Bläse


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Each sound plate comes in a carrying bag.

Sound Plate Measurements:
Height: 10"
Width: 7.5"

Sound Plate Measurements:
Height: 9"
Width: 6.75"

Sound Plate Measurements:
Height: 11"
Width: 8"

Sound Plate Measurements:
Height: 11.75"
Width: 8.75"

Martin Bläse Tuned Sound Plates are a phenomenon. "For the first time, I have instruments whose sound is so loud, pure and so far in the open, that they can be played without difficulty even outside of closed rooms." says MartinDepending on the model, size and velocity, the plates can ring for up to six minutes. 

Metal idiophones such as bells, singing bowls, and gongs naturally have many overtones, but they are not harmonious. Plate bells are tuned harmonically, that is, the first overtone is exactly one octave above the root. As a result, they have a full soft sound.

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