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Meinl Pro Gong/Tam Tam Stand with Second Gong/Tam Tam Holder



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Why yes, because everyone loved Meinl's first version of a gong stand -- more than pandas love bamboo, more than Tristan loved Isolde, more than cute robots love Japanese programmers -- Meinl could not control themselves, and went ahead and made a new gong stand that can hold TWO GONGS!

The Pro Stand Features an impressive reinforced base with thicker and wider metal than the original Meinl Gong Stand.

Yes, this stand is thicker and heavier than the Meinl Stand that can only hold one gong, and is made for the gong player who has, well, more than one gong.

If you think you will need to move the stand around while the gongs are on it, we recommend getting the wheels that are made to go with this stand as well. They cost more, but will be invaluable in the long run, or long roll as the case may be.

Width of Base: 32"
Depth of Feet: 25"
Adjustable Height: 45" - 75"

NOTE on Suggested Sizes of Gongs:
Experience suggests the largest combination of gongs that works safely and comfortably is:

Top: 32" Gong
Bottom: 36" Gong

Meinl suggests that this stand can hold a 32" and 40" gong at the same time, but our customers have found that they cannot safely do this.

If you are concerned about sizing please contact us here.



These wheels will raise your gong stand up about 4 inches.

Via Meinl:
"A set of four wheels with brakes that attach to the Gong/Tam Tam Stand to make it moveable. An additional tool for ease of mobility." With mobility comes more freedom.

Meinl Gong Stand Wheels - Better than Goodyear, but no blimp.
Better than Michelin, but no puffy Stay-Puft Marshmallow guy.
Better than Roller Skates, but no shiny outfits.

As Jimmy Morrison of the less famous band in the 60's "The Sliding Doors" once sang, "ROLL on through to the other side...

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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