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Sabian Chinese Gongs



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

Imagine hitting this gong and hearing the strong primary classic Chau Gong sound upon impact, but then hearing that choice gong followed by a veritable PURE SONIC outpouring of harmonics and tones that is pure Chinese Gong, as it massages your ear and all the way to your namaste spirit!

A classic Chinese Gong sound--a full sound that makes you feel like you've connected with the metaphysical "soul of sound"--developed by Turkish masters chilling out in Canada. That's right: China. Turkey. Canada. Each time you play a Sabian Chinese Gong, you are World Music. Or to paraphrase Barry Manilow, each time you hit this gong, "You write the World Songs that make the young girls cray-cray."




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