Sabian Symphonic Gongs



This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Sabian Symphonic Gong is incredible and awesome. A unique metal, unique tones. Not like the Chinese Gong. This is a special one.

Did you know that the word symphony is derived from the Greek syn (together) and phone (sounding) producing the concept of "sounding together." Ah, those Greeks, they were important to the world once. With their philosophers, olympians, and homosexuality, etc. Now, they just produce facile romantic comedy movies about getting married.

Ah, the delicious Sabian Symphonic Gong. When you strike it, it gives you a powerful fundamental note. But it doesn't stop there. Nope, this gong is a giver. After the fundamental note, it brings out the harmonic overtones for you. The Sabian Symphonic Gong literally creates a full, warm, and round response every time you hit it. (Do you know any people that do that?)



The 26" Sabian Symphonic Gong is a great sounding gong. It has an immediate response and after the first note it has extended harmonic overtones. Although it has those overtones every time the gong is struck it creates an even response.

We're working on getting a sound file for this gong. Until then you can always set up an appointment to call and listen.

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