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Tone of Life Stand Bags for Telescopic Gong Stands

Tone of Life


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This listing comes with one bag only.

Note: This bag was designed specifically for Tone of Life's Telescopic Gong Stand. It won't work with any other stand. If you're looking for bags for their other stands, see them here.

This compact bag from Tone of Life is perfect for sound healers and gong players on the go, trying to save a little space while transporting or storing their Telescopic Gong Stand. With a handle and a shoulder strap, it's perfect for moving your stand from place-to-place.

Where you going? Coffee shop? Community center? Retirement center? The Center for Reformed Pastafarians? It doesn't matter! If you have Tone of Life's Telescopic Gong Stand, then this stand bag is perfect for you.

Bag Measurements:
Length: 28"
Width: 7"
Depth 3.5"

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