42" Gongs and Beyond on Stands

Yes, Gongs Unlimited carries a great many Traditional Chinese Gongs made by exceptional Chinese Gongmakers in the city of Wuhan, as well as our unique trademarked gongs that no one else makes: the Mother Tesla, Dark Star, Chocolate Drop, and the Atlantis. We also carry gongs from Vietnam, Thailand, India, England and Germany.

Each gong is handmade of course, and hence each gong is unique. We personally listen to all the gongs we receive before we sell them to make sure they are of the highest sound quality.

Gongs Unlimited's staff - also known as The Malletheads - consists of reincarnated gong makers, tuners, monks and musicians, shamans and percussionists. We aim to be your time tunnel between Ancient and Modern, your bridge between Orient and Occident, your hearing aid to the silence before the Big Bang.

Let us help you get your perfect gong. Contact us with questions!