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Gong Sizing Disclaimer

Time. Space. Dimensions. DIAMETERS! What does it all mean? Relax fine customer!  We are coming to help you from the Center of the Gong Universe with the Tape Measure of Omniscience!

You may have walked around a lake one day wondering aloud about gong sizes, as we all do at one point or another in our lives, despite the looks we get from random passersby and so, we set up this page to help you.

We offer our gongs in diameters ranging from 6" to 52". They're separated by 2" increments to keep things as organized as possible. Put together all our gongs in a line that's like... the length of the Great Wall (please don't check my math on that)!

You may ask yourself, "How do the Gong Sapiens get those gongs to be so perfectly sized in 2" increments?!"

We're here to tell you: They don't! They are close, but these are handmade, hand-hammered and heated by hand

-Each gong comes to us labeled in cm, separated by 5 cm increments, with a "suggested" inches measurement as well.

-We list our gongs in inches on our store because we're based in the US, but they were not created in inches, they were made with centimeters in mind.

Whoooaaaa!  That is mind-blowing!

We know.

The conversion rate is 1" to 2.54 cm. This means that a 32" gong—that we order as an 80cm gongif made exactly to cm would be 31.5" in diameter. We round up like the gong-makers do, and call it a 32" gong, because that is the easiest thing for our human brains to process.

We ain't trying to lie or fool you; we are keeping it simple.

When shopping for gongs, remember they are handmade, by strong humans hitting them with hammers and using furnaces and blowtorches, trying to get a great sound, not with lasers by aliens who demand exact diameters to the hundredth digit for their space food trucks. The living breathing gong-makers are trying to get close to the right centimeter, not close to the right inch.

Keep in mind that the diameters will vary slightly because of the conversions combined with the raw human bravery of our gong-makers.  Please be prepared to accept slight variation up to 1". If you ordered a 32" gong and received a 30" gong (or more than a 2" deviation) that's not right. Contact us and we'll determine what happened.

Thank goodness that Max H. made helpful chart below showing the standard sizes of our gongs in cm, the conversion to inches, and how we list them.

Thank goodness you found this page and read it.

We are all lucky today!

Diameter in Centimeters Conversion in Inches Our Listings
15 5.91" 6"
20 7.87" 8"
25 9.84" 10"
30 11.81" 12"
35 13.78" 14"
40 15.75" 16
45 17.72" 18"
50 19.68" 20"
55 21.65 22"
60 23.62" 24"
65 25.59" 26"
70 27.56" 28"
75 29.53" 30"
80 31.50" 32"
85 33.46" 34"
90 35.43" 36"
95 37.40" 38"
100 39.37" 40"
105 31.34" 42"
110 43.31" 44"
115 45.27" 46"
120 47.24" 48"
125 49.21" 50"
130 51.18" 52"