Meinl Symphonic Gongs/Tam Tams

Meinl Symphonic Gongs (Tam Tams) are handmade in Germany with a specially formulated Nickel Silver Alloy (called N12). They are all protected with a special wax.

These gongs are tuned in a half-tone range. They are gongs, so naturally there are many overtone-rich harmonics that build after the initial note. However, this tuning assures that there is much time and care in the making of each gong.

The tuning range is as follows:

  • 24" Gong: G2 - G#2
  • 28" Gong: E2 - F2
  • 32" Gong: C#2 - D2
  • 36" Gong: A#1 - B1
  • 40" Gong: G1 - G#1