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Pair of Unlimited Gong Rollers



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This listing includes one pair of gong rollers.

Note: We developed these mallets to replace the Mike Balter GM4 Gong Rollers, which are no longer being made.

This Pair of Unlimited Gong Rollers is exactly what you need for builds and rolls on your gongs. When tapped gently on the gong, you will get a fast attack, with a clean, deep tone. By rolling both mallets against the face of the gong, you can create dynamic builds and swells with your gong, adding another level to the types of sounds you can pull from your gong. Add these mallets to your toolkit and expand your sound powers!

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 14.5”
Handle Length: 13”
Head Length: 1.5”
Head Width: 3”
Weight: single: 6 oz / pair: 12 oz

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