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Pair of Unlimited Uttam Mallets



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This listing includes a pair of yarn-wrapped mallets.

Note: We've developed these mallets to replace some of Mike Balter's BB Series Mallets which are no longer being made.

Gold Pair of Uttam Mallets - Soft

Slate Blue Pair of Uttam Mallets - Medium

Maroon Pair of Uttam Mallets - Hard

Uttam is a Hindi word for "perfect." Our Uttam Mallets are the perfect pair for light gong rolling, sound plates, and other metal percussion, or if you just happen to be walking down the street and bump into a lonely marimba.  They're great for any situation where you need fast attack without excessive weight or volume. They come in three colors; each color corresponds to a different level of hardness.

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 16.75"
Handle Length: 15"
Head Length: 1.75"
Head Width: 1.75"
Weight: single: 1 oz / pair: 3 oz

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