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Unlimited Soundpoet Friction Mallets



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This listing comes with one friction mallet.

Our Soundpoet Friction Mallets are the newest addition to our Unlimited family. These special mallets are the affordable answer to your friction mallet/flumi needs.

Their rainbow heads have the perfect texture to create poetry with your gong, channeling its potential energy into a diverse array of wordless stanzas. Gently pull the mallet from the outer edge towards the center of the gong and it will drop knowledge like a beat poet in the middle of Holi, the Hindu festival of color.

With friction mallets, you will discover a world of sounds not possible with regular gong mallets. Ride this poetic ROYGBIV and unleash the full chromatic spectrum of sounds from your gongs.

Please note: With each purchase of a Soundpoet Mallet, we will donate 20% of your purchase before profit to charities that help those who need to travel to get abortions and get this life-saving procedure.

Sadly, those who believe their religious views are greater than everyone else have worked many decades to get to the place where they can punish others for something that requires zero punishment.

Back to the mallets, we recommend these mallets for 24" to 48" gongs.

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 9"
Handle Length: 7.25"
Head Width: 2.5"
Head Height: 1.75"
Weight: 1.5 oz

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