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14" Gongs on Meinl Table Gong Stand (TMTGS-M)

Unlimited & Meinl


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This listing comes with gong, stand, and mallet.

The 14" Atlantis Gong is filled with complexities and sensitivities for a gong of its size. It sounds delicate but deep, and always interesting. Created from mixing seawater with bronze during the casting process, each gong is a unique work of art.

The 14" Atlantis Chau Gong mixes the classic look and feel of the traditional Chau gong with mystique and depth of our exclusive Atlantis gong. It's filled with complexities and sensitivities for a gong of its size, like the Atlantis, with some added clarity and focus from the Chau Gong lathing.

The 14" Chau Gong is a classic bullseye, bringing both depth of tone and crash of metal. It goes good in any season, in almost any occasion, and looks good on almost everyone. While espadrilles may come and go, and bold colors fade away in memories of fashion shows past, there is never a time where you can go wrong with a Chau Gong.

The 14" Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to our classic Chau Gong, but with the outer band fully lathed as well. This lathing helps to open up the harmonics and overtones of the gong, behaving more like a White Gong or Wind Gong, with a full, complex crash. The unlathed morsel in the center adds a little bit of weight to the gong, helping to slightly deepen the tone, adding weight and containing just a little bit of the crash. Yum!

The 14" Dark Star Gong is moody and deep and goes places other gongs don't! Their tone is focused, but dark and mysterious, like a warm, emotional bell that moves through you with sonic electricity.

The 14" Lunar Flare Gong has a lightness to it, from the lathed bands, while the unlathed bands and the rim help to focus and clarify the overall sound. The overall sound has good sustain and depth, with complexity on the crash.

The 14" Mother Tesla Gong appears how all gongs do right when they come out of the oven. It is fully unlathed, which gives it a darker tone and a slow crash. It is heavier than other gongs at the same size, so the overall sound is deeper and darker.

The 14" Solar Flare Gong is similar to a Wind Gong, but with concentric bands of lathed and unlathed circles. The unlathed parts control the crash and splash, with less crash than a Wind Gong. The rings help to focus the sound so it does not open up sound-wise like a fully lathed Wind Gong.

The 14" Subatomic Gong is similar to a Chau Gong, but with an added lathed band on the outer edge of the gong. This creates a more mystical tone than the Chau, with more complexity in the harmonics and overtones. Each ring provides different colors of tones, creating a beautiful and complex sonic experience.

The 14" Wind Gong is a joyous, celebratory gong. The fully-lathed face and the lack of rim create a bright overall sound, with a full, complex crash. This gong is perfect for energizing and awakening.

We've paired this gong with Meinl's Table Gong Stand (TMTGS-m). It has a sturdy, compact design that allows the gong to be played in a comfortable position on the floor or on a table. It is specially designed to allow the gong to swing freely on the stand while remaining securely mounted. It's the perfect stand for a 14" gong!

Stand Measurements:
Height: 24"
Width: 21"
Depth of Feet: 10"

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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