Chalkin Yarn Wound Mallets



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The Chalklin Yarn Wound Gong Mallets with Metal Handle are designed for a strong attack for tuned gongs and wind gongs and more!



TG1 Tuned Gong Small Wound Mallet

TG1 Measurements:
Weight: 7 oz
Total Length: 14"/ 355cm
Mallet Head Diameter: 2.2"/ 55mm
Mallet Handle Length: 11.8"/ 300mm
Handle's material: Metal

WG2 Wind Gong Medium Wound Mallet

WG2 Measurements:
Weight: 10 oz
Total Length: 14.4"/ 365mm
Mallet Head Diameter: 2.6"/ 65mm
Mallet Handle Length: 11.8"/ 300cm
Handle's material: Metal

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