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Chalklin Esoteric Gong Mallets



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This listing comes with one gong mallet.

Chalklin has designed their Esoteric Gong Mallets to offer new sonic possibilities for sound healers, gong therapists, yoga practitioners and other people working with gongs outside of the orchestral tradition.

They make mallets for gongs from 16" to 50" providing a wide range of options for sound therapists. These mallets feature a soft, rounded head with a metal handle with a synthetic grip and a rope for hanging your mallet when it's not in action.

GME0 Mallet (for 16-20" gongs)
Note: These are great for gong rolls
Weight: 185 g

GME1 Mallet (for 22-24" gongs)
Note: These are great for gong rolls
Weight: 251 g

GME2 Mallet (for 26-28" gongs)
Weight: 287 g

GME3 Mallet (for 30-32" gongs)
Weight: 326 g

GME4 Mallet (for 32-34" gongs)
Weight: 378 g

GME5 Mallet (for 36-40" gongs)
Weight: 501 g

GME6 Mallet (for 40-44" gongs)
Weight: 575 g

GME7 Mallet (for 50" gongs)
Weight: 720 g

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